Monday, October 6, 2008

[Milking in Progress]

Construction in Progress, Revonation in Progress, Refilling in Progress. But a strange thing happened in my office - a place full of people working. Something you never seen, but you should know. Please be prepared. Make sure you don't have high blood pressure or heart attack.

When I try to enter my office pantry, this paper just appear in front of me. "Milking in Progress". A mom pumping milk inside. Creative~~~!!!

Banana Leaf Rice?

Suddenly, my colleague asking to try a food call banana leaf rice (I like to call it Jiau Jiau Leaf Fan). It is very easy to order! First, find a place to sit. Rice, chips, vegetable will be served automatically. Those buddies lazy to think of what food to have, it is your saver.

I'm 'geng like' the chips le, keep refilling is my only action when having the lunch. Wah~~!!! A lot of chips. Chipman borned~~~!!! Tasty!!! Please let me finish it. Please! Please! Please! I want to save this world.

RM5 Reality Show

A game goes live in my office. How to play? What is the game rules? You only can spent MAX RM5 for lunch around the office. Crazy mer~~~!!! You thought this is a low class office ar?// Damn Q expensive all the foods here. But a light sighting to a location, it is the cheapest place - Kopitiam. We all sit down and keep calculate or discuss when referring the menu. How to spent less but full. Shit@@, is not easy!!!

But it's not a difficult problem to me, a solution so fast appeared in my mind. First step, eat half-boiled egg, to protect. Then only eat the bread, so that food wouldn't digest easily. Genuis Way always and only can happened in a extraordinary boy life~~~!!! :p