Friday, July 25, 2008

My Farewell Cum BirthDay

Wow, 2 months time were passed in Proximity. Seem like a war zone to me in there, everyone are speaking English. An ordinary boy with chinese education background doesn't seem can fit inside this environment. But life still need to move on. After 1 month I joined this company, I can see my improvement in speakng english. They helped me a lot. Who are this people? Proximity fellows, my great buddies. They being patient when chat with me, show me their supported and teach me.

I'm feeling happy actually, they did this to a stranger like me. I will appreciate.

This day was coming, they're having a farewell for one of my colleague. And. This was my farewell too. Wow!!! I didnt expected and I can't imagine it! When the time, they bring out the cake. "Bye Bye Yee ee and Bryan. Happy B'day Bryan" right on top of the chocolate cake. Amazing~~!!! I'm damn Q happy. I love you guys, you all making me awesome!!! And I drunk that day, luckly got people sent me back. Paisei!!! "Thank you for sent me back!!!", shouting in front of my pc.

P.S. You guys are great, and I gonna miss you guys. Good Luck and Take Care!!! And you guys will always be Bryan's friend. I will show myself immediately once got gathering in the future!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight - Guardian/Protector of the Gothom City

When is my last time to blog a cool movie? I can't remember, so as you. Entering the cinema Hall 2, this big screen with advertisement and movie trailer appearing in front of me. I'm feeling excited while waiting this movie began. Batman bring me many memories, and he always the superhero in my heart. I thought to be Batman during my childhood. Why chooose him? Hihihi, he is the only person don't have super power and can be done in the real world.

Zhoooomm~~~ zhoooommm~~~~~ Finally, the intro of this movie was started.

Impressive!!! I feel horror of watching the movie during screening and was completely blown away! Bruce Wayne/Batman starring by Christian Bale, and Heath Ledger play The Joker character. The Joker has finally been portrait properly on film. For more details, please visit their official website.

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale)

The Joker (Heath Ledger)

All of my dear friend, please at least go to watch once. I'm planning to watch for the second times. Come to join me to enjoy this happiness of watching this movie. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Romantic Wedding happened in a corner of the Earth

This cute and pretty coli is become 'Mrs.[husband name] '. She invited me to her's wedding, I'm happy. Reason of I'm being so happy. Will a person invite a person who only known each other for 2 months only? Fabulouse!!! She told me, I'm invited because I'm funny and cool. HAHAHA!!! This day was came, reach there earlier. They still preparing the ceremony deco. Their deco, simple and romantic with the love song playing as background music. I love it actually. I quess my gf will love this kind of wedding style as well. And I'm observed and copied the idea at that time, hope she wouldnt mind it. HAHAHA.

After the dinner, everyone drinks and laugh, someone got herself so drunk and puked. First time in my life, I dance in the middle of the dinner hall that I wish for a long time. I always wish to go prom night and dance, but I'm not giving the chances. Thanks to her, my dream comes true. I'm enjoy. Wishing for another dance. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 'Thick face', everyone must be saying it.

Wishing you happy in your marriage, and you having a amazing husband!!!

Carpark Access Card

Every morning, walking at the side walk beside a busy road alone. Day after day, I get used to it. In between, I still wish for a carpark access card every day. When is the dream comes true (visually : looking @ the sky). During this worst time, my coli whose are onleave. They will pass me their carpark access card. I'm always be the first in their listing (visually : crying). I like you all, you all are so kind. With the card, I save a lot of time and energy.

Thanks Again! I'm appreciated of people who show me the 'hand of help'.

Unexpected Gift Sent To My Office

Cupcake!!! Interesting! Fairy cake in British term we call. It's a small cake designed to serve one person, usually made in a small paper cup container; another reason why they are sold in groups (information provided by Wiki). How many cupcake sent to me as birthday gift? 9 pieces in a big white box and 1 piece in a silver small box, tied up with a small white ribbon and different color of 'Happy Birthday' as texture of it. This person so call delivery person with formal suit and wearing a spec. He look like a office executive more than a delivery boy. I
through he is friend of my gf. Oh god! He is the boss of this business. This cupcake business is his part-time online business, you can order throught his blog.

Oppss~~~!!! Miss out one thing, you sure want to know what is the flavour of these cupcakes. They're taste coffee.

Happy~~~! Very Happy~!!! Extremely Happy~~!!!!!!! Thanks my gf sent me this surprise even I'm just a ordinary man. I like it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Check this out!!! Cool Ad from Nikefootbal.

Awesome!!!!!! Fabulous!!!!!! Superstar is appearing in my screen.