Friday, August 28, 2009

UFO undefined flying object

(captured by me)

(published in paper)

Just have to bend a bit your neck, look up to the sky. Can you see anything? Sometimes, we miss it. UFO-Undefined Flying Object had been discussed over the years, but still null. No evidence, many fake photos and videos. Government keeps all the regarding profile, they always have their's reason.

A funny thing was happened to me. A colleague of mine, show me a interesting news. The paper showing an UFO photo been captured at Klang. OMG!!! I saw that view before! I’m searched over my pc and asking my friends, family to get back the photo I shot which look alike the photo published in the paper.

Finally, I found it. Cheh …… A big disappointed to me. Showing the photos now, judge it, buddy!!!

P/S. I will keeping this photo, dont think it interesting?!!! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Up, the movie

UP, it's a movie that reminded me. It's never too late to succeed your dream. Most of us, like to speak our dream, our next move/step. But, who's really can action? This is reminding me a word from my friend, “Talk is cheap!” I agreed. We can tell anyone about our dream, but not all of us can tell what we achieved.

I'm reading a book, named The Secret. Learned to think positive, studied to action, preparing to move forward. I love to share the content of this book with you guys. Buddy, it's time for you to do what you should do!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My work, My creation!!!

I'm joined a gundam's figuring contest. It's happened in KL, and usually display at Sungai Wang, KL. It's quite some time ago, my buddy. I'm lost the contest, but I still very proud of my creation. It's still cool and displaying in my house now. Check out the photo. Enjoy the beauty of my creation. (pointing down - animation)

Urban Legend

It's amazing. Where're we found this urban legend case? I met an old fark. He was managed to fit 1/3 of the ice-cream from a box (1L) to a small ice-cream cone. Can we list it under RIPLEY'S Believe it or not!

TIKIGOD is born.

I met a man, he is so in to a statue. I'm sure you will ask, what special of this statue? It's name TIKIGOD. It's very famous and mystery in Hawaii, USA. Every Hawaii citizen knows about it. At the same time, he is getting interested with it. He is re-packaging it to share with us and I like it. Here's the photo gallery of TIKIGOD merchandise. Please have a look, buddy! (pointing down) Just visit this website if feel interested.