Sunday, June 29, 2008

I met Nissan Skyline GT-R Proto in OneU's car park

Skyline and me looking each other so close. Just Skyline and me at that time. We were smiling and chatting with each other. I'm so happy, and took out my digital camera. I want to capture this moment, and keep it forever. Fueeeellllllleellllee~~~~~! Crazy mer, just a car only la. Awesome!!! This car is super cool. Please! Please my friend! Go and see the real one, you will never forget the feeling. Help me!!! Give me some more words to help me express COOL, AWESOME, SPEED, FAST and PRETTY. :))

Start moving your butt now and visit the official site,

Shocking Bill in the early morning

Wah, what the F**King beauty figure displaying in the bill. This bill make me shock in the early morning. And I have to pay it by cash, all the bloody credit card system declined my credit card. The rumours appearing in my mind suddenly, is it true? I pay RM60 for 31.0Litres last time, come to see the bill again clearly, see how much I need to pay now? :(

Transformers : Autobots (Optimus Prime) and Decepticons(Megatron) !!!

Transformer Movie in 2007, come to screen finally, and not playing in animation kinds. They were using real people and CG to gave an awesome action and visualize it extremely. This movie influcing me at that time, thenI bought the Optimus Prime. I keep thinking of buy the Megatron as well. "Do I spenting too much?", keep asking myself in worries. It is surrounding me quite a long time, but u and me are always can't excape from the BeLoved one. I bought it recently. Why le? Join the new company, a group of people like to buy toys(I prefer it call action figure.). I had been called back. LOLOLOL. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Give me a LEGO city" shout by me when childhood

Time overlap time, my dream getting blur. ALmost forgot my childhood dream, having few small LEGO city in middle of house. Just like every girl's dream to have a Island in kitchen. Until the day I met LEGO in One Utama, they are displaying all about F1, brand Ferrari. They were displaying a huge LEGO Ferrari F1 car, Impresssive!~~~ My Friend, Show me yours response la, share yours LEGO experience la. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reading Bug

Hard to imagine. Hard to believe. Butcher weng own more than 10 books in his house. I read a lot of books recently. Last time, I can't stand to read more than one paragraph of texts. But it's different now, I'm becoming a reading bug. "But why he is facing this huge changing?", asking by reader. Mana saya tau!!! I'm starting since the day I came back from Taiwan, I bought a lot books from Chen Ping BookShop. 1 month later, Popular was organizing a bookfairs in KLCC. I bought again. Check out some of my books, you sure laugh gao gao!!! See see see, you laughing liao. HAHAHAAHAHA ............

Monday, June 9, 2008

An archaeology exploring in Ipoh!

Can you guys imagine what had I go throught? I met the KFC musical coin box, which already exstinct very long time ago. But I can hold it with my own hand, play with my own hand now. LOL!!! The classical packing, the colors, the design, the text. Last time KFC planning to get this back, but is a bit hard. But my friend keep it so well. Can someone tell me the price of this object, please???

Rock in Petrol Station

Rock n Rolll~~~~! I think every single Malaysian know about this news (fuel price raise until RM2.70/l). Eveyone shoutting in office after read the news, like lose a lot a lot in gambling. But we as Malaysian, only can accerpt the fact. So, all the drivers gathering together in the petrol station and quering up for the *BEER. Rock n roll!! Rock n Roll. Rock the petrol station, man! But horrible thing happening around. ''Shit~~~!! Honk~~~!'', what I heard around the petrol station. Ohhh~~~, many cars stuck in the traffic jam cause many cars queue until blocking the road. I using the Jln Kucing, passing by few petrol stations. Oh god, traffic jam like SHIT. I'm langsung give up to enter the petrol station.
Goverment ar! Goverment ar~~~~~~
*BEER = petrol

A cup of Vietnamese coffee

A relaxing afternoon, having my meal with my girlfriend. I ordered a coffee, it's Vietnamese coffee. My favorite coffee in a relax day, what the greatful day. I'm taking the Vietnamese coffee in Charms located in One Utama (new wing). I'm planning to own it, but I can't find in Malaysia. Hoooo~~~~, all my friend who visiting my blog, let me know if you guys know where can buy it.
Thanks all folks~~~~~~~~~ :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Base of a Toy-holics

A Friday-ed of a past week, I'm went to my friend's house. I heard that his place is full of toys, so I feel so damn exciting while waiting to forward his place at that night. The first seen, surprise me extremely. So damn AWESOME!!! A rack full of the toys, as you can see in the photo. Plus, staircase(all is street fighter) and his room (full of censored toys, HEHE!). He likes to collect Spawn and dragon. I'm joking around, wanna redeem one as my door gift. LOL!!! Words are not enough to describe, please visit his "Toy Museum" yourself.

Releasing Shit Nowadays

Coming to new office, facing the new environment. Many invisible stress/pressure is appearing slowly!!! I'm looking a place for me to release these Shit...! Found~~~ finally! A place call Jarrod's n Rolin where people here like to go there have drink drink after work. I'm wishing to go there to drink every week. My friends go along with me, released all those Shit together. How nice is it! Wow!!! Is a truely a nice place to me. Thanks to this place!!! Paying respect to you here!

*Shit = stress/pressure