Friday, August 28, 2009

UFO undefined flying object

(captured by me)

(published in paper)

Just have to bend a bit your neck, look up to the sky. Can you see anything? Sometimes, we miss it. UFO-Undefined Flying Object had been discussed over the years, but still null. No evidence, many fake photos and videos. Government keeps all the regarding profile, they always have their's reason.

A funny thing was happened to me. A colleague of mine, show me a interesting news. The paper showing an UFO photo been captured at Klang. OMG!!! I saw that view before! I’m searched over my pc and asking my friends, family to get back the photo I shot which look alike the photo published in the paper.

Finally, I found it. Cheh …… A big disappointed to me. Showing the photos now, judge it, buddy!!!

P/S. I will keeping this photo, dont think it interesting?!!! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Up, the movie

UP, it's a movie that reminded me. It's never too late to succeed your dream. Most of us, like to speak our dream, our next move/step. But, who's really can action? This is reminding me a word from my friend, “Talk is cheap!” I agreed. We can tell anyone about our dream, but not all of us can tell what we achieved.

I'm reading a book, named The Secret. Learned to think positive, studied to action, preparing to move forward. I love to share the content of this book with you guys. Buddy, it's time for you to do what you should do!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My work, My creation!!!

I'm joined a gundam's figuring contest. It's happened in KL, and usually display at Sungai Wang, KL. It's quite some time ago, my buddy. I'm lost the contest, but I still very proud of my creation. It's still cool and displaying in my house now. Check out the photo. Enjoy the beauty of my creation. (pointing down - animation)

Urban Legend

It's amazing. Where're we found this urban legend case? I met an old fark. He was managed to fit 1/3 of the ice-cream from a box (1L) to a small ice-cream cone. Can we list it under RIPLEY'S Believe it or not!

TIKIGOD is born.

I met a man, he is so in to a statue. I'm sure you will ask, what special of this statue? It's name TIKIGOD. It's very famous and mystery in Hawaii, USA. Every Hawaii citizen knows about it. At the same time, he is getting interested with it. He is re-packaging it to share with us and I like it. Here's the photo gallery of TIKIGOD merchandise. Please have a look, buddy! (pointing down) Just visit this website if feel interested.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Darlie - All Shiny White

Hey buddy, come to join the campaign! You can enjoy the fun that you never have. Juz have to sign up and completed 14-days task. And you going to have a big chance to win a luxury prizes. Yeah!!!

Here's the url or you can join thru facebook

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm White of the purest White. But what kind am I?

You're a Witty White!

You're intelligent, and your mind's fast. If anyone were to find the courage to engage you in a word duel, they will be fighting a losing battle. You're curious and you love analyzing situations, but your care freeness balances things up so you don't take things too seriously. As the saying goes, 'Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure'. You're definitely a priced treasure when it comes to a White date with you!

Now it's your turn. Take the test to find out what kinda White you are!

Brought to you by Darlie All Shiny White.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

“Student?”, asked by anonymous.

Case 1: I went to my office’s car park early morning. An Indian lady was standing beside the barrier. “My boss didn’t pay season parking fee again”, I’m wondering. Bingo! Again my boss forgotten. She asked for my pass card and asked, “Student?” Walau eh!!! My fire also come ar! Didn’t she see my face clearly? “Kerja.”, one word I returned.

Case 2: I parked my car in front my house as usual when gone home. I met my neighbor and greet. We chatted. He is going out for his dinner. Suddenly, a question was puke from his mouth. “Wah! Home late, after school?”, he asked. Walau er, not again!!! My response??? [Big] of course. “I’m 30, working lo.”, I shouted.

I had deep thinking. All this happened because of my shirt. I’m wear Nobita today.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bookcrossing – more like giving, less like keeping

I found this campaign when I'm shopping in One Utama, Bookcrossing. Very simple! Pick a book from your bookshelf, bring to Bookcrossing@1u. Get a tag for your book, then you can check who read your book through online.

This campaign is very famous in UK.
Check out this

New Movie [2012]

People nowaday are always talking about the end of the day, but who can make sure it will happen? I'm asking myself, our day really have "The End" like movie?

A new movie is coming up on screen, title [2012]. Please watch the trailer and get yourself ready.

If the end of the day is really coming, what will you preparing? I will let all my loving person know I love them very much in every single minute I have on Earth.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

I watched a trailer with title Drag Me To Hell, very interesting! Then, I decided to ask all my colleagues watch with me, because I love to share my excited to others. We dinner, we went to cinema.

Began of the movie, it’s still interesting. The story is saying. An old lady is begging a loan executive to extend her house loan deadline. But this selfish girl name Christine, she declined. She is turning her head to look at the assistant manager cubicle, after that she look at Stu who have higher chances to sit in this cubicle. She had made this decision, but never thought of this decision will change the rest of her life.

The old lady, knee down and bagged Christine to give her a chance. She scared and call for security guard. Everyone in bank was looking at them. The old lady very angry and say “You shame on me! You shame on me! ”.

Then the old lady had attacked her in a parking lot. The old lady was shouting and giving curse to Christine. That’s how the story began.

[Check my review]
My opinion, this movie can be better. The idea very good, but the director put too much “lame scary scene” in this movie. Audience was luff-ing more than scared. They should ask advice from brother Pang.

Best part of this movie: I love the sound effect when the devil (Lamiae) is coming. Arghhhhh~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tonight, a sneak preview was happening in Cathay Cineleisure, Damansara. Nuffnang is the organizer of this campaign and many bloggers invited. They're funny, I wish to become of them. I wouldn’t give any comments, let the movie tell you.

But I love their color mode in the movie, can tell the feeling.

Movie Trailer

Animate trailer

Goodie bag from nuffnang.

Pass ticket.


How did I get this link?

It's began from a MSN conversation. I have a buddy in my office, we both like to eat sweet and sour pork rice. But one day, we had some conflict with each other and we decided to split our group. We no more have the same taste in the future! So, she decided to create a page call i-love-pan-mee. Of course, I have to one step forward and created gu-lou-yuk-association. Our battle's victory is base on amount of fans.

I can tell everyone who is reading my blog. I did it, I have 70 fans now. (was sop sop when writing this phase)

Have you join our club? Come to join us before it's too late.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Give my room your best rating at

I deserve to win IKEA vouchers worth RM2,000 to makeover my room because I have a lot of space and i don't have things to store. I need IKEA vouchers to let me buy more things to store. VOTE 4 ME!PS: I love IKEA.

IKEA Go Clean Your Room Contest: Ng Kok Weng's room

Monday, April 20, 2009

The amazing lady (Susan Boyle) that made me weep. :'(

Have you ever, ever in your life that you weep for someone? I did, just now. That's really from the bottom of my heart!!! Kai ma showed me a video and told me how great this 47-year-old lady. Her name is Susan Boyle. She joined Britain Got Talent 2009 which got her famous in the blink of eye.

I watched the video and wondering how she can cause everyone talking about her since yesterday? In the video, she has been interviewed by 2 guys (Ant and Dec). "I’m nearly 48, I'm going to sing today," said Susan. "I'm nervous! But I will make the audience rock." she continued. When she stood on the stage, the 3 judges and the audiences were laughing. What were they laughing at??? An old lady that is not pretty, wearing a old-fashion shiny gold long skirt. Talked funny, acted funny and came from a small village.

"I will sing 'I Dreamed a Dream' from Les Miserables." said Susan confidently. She started. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! I weeped, felt the sadness from her voice. The voice was so amazing and great!!! But I was happy and felt the hope at the same time. Who's she? She is Susan Boyle. The old lady whom people laughed at her.

To all human on Earth, never judge a person [ugly], while you are not perfect!!! Susan, you prove to everyone. I will fully support you, I will definitely buy your CD.

Please check this out,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tan tan

I had this experience with the vending machine. Pay RM8 to buy 2 tokens from counter. Insert the tokens, then you can collect a oval shape thingy (shape like egg). Inside, a plastic bag which packing the Gundam 00. I'm so crazy to collect it with one my colleague. I always went to shopping complex and get new [tan tan]s, properly every weeks.
How Amazing!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour in 60

Do you know what is the meaning of [60 - Earth Hour]? I can tell I don't know lo. I heard since the day a client of our company running this campaign. They said wor, turn off ur farking light, see nothing for 6o minutes. But many people misunderstood the meaning of this campaign.

Let me explain to you, my own opinion. When the day come, you switch off all the lights in your house, then you close your eyes. Then, you can see red/orange fire surrounding you burning, and you will feeling hot. Ouch!!! 30 minutes after you close your lights, these red/orange hot fire will still keep growing until you can see and feel some blue/green aura come from your's behind. And, attack all these red/orange fire which surrounding you. 60 minutes, you will feel carm, cool and peaceful. At last, you will see a green land appearing in front of you, bird flying, tree wayving to you, and rainbow smile to you.

When you open back your eyes. You can feel the different. This how I understand the earth hour. :)

Visit them, my fellows . . .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

World of Feng Shui

Feng Shui theory is very strong since history of China. But people nowaday keep changing it until very mystery!!! Actually it;s not, I read one of the book and did some research. All theory is very logic, and calculation is included.

The new generation of fengshui master is chui shui more feng shui.

Banner Ad wor~~

Registered as blogger in Nuffnang recently!! I'm a developer who developed banner ads, but never experience it. Today, I put it on my blog with my own hand. The feeling was like a doctor help a pregnant lady to give birth. So amazing!!!

Started today, we can touch, feel, see, sense and listen to these beloved Ads in my blog. Nuffnang, you bring me another new life, another direction, another vision. Thank you!!!

Come, come, come... go and touch and click my beloved banners. (",)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Soli Pravia (Made in China)

I'm busying of my new house recently, and I curious what my colleague going to buy for me. I can't wait!!! I point out my favorite. "I WANT A SOLI PRAVIA!!!", shout by me. This room I'm standing quiet for a few seconds, then they laugh laugh laugh... -.-

They asked me, "[soli pravia] made in china ar? Where can I buy it ar? We sure can give you [soli pravia] as new house gift de. ~~~ Please la Please la, tell me la. ~~~"

People who know me sure know I can't pronounce correctly when in the morning time!!! My tongue a bit lazy. This [Soli Pravia] become history/word of the day in my office.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Supreme Extremely Dinner (SED)

After work, boring boring boring!!! "Okie, I wanna to have a normal dinner with my gf." say in my heart. When the time I reached her house, it's late. A bit [bek song] clearly display on her face, and her stomach was playing orchestra at the same time.

I'm driving. A road light pass another road light beside my car in this busy but quite night. (*busy : traffic heavy on the road, quite : my car is in good conditioin) I asked, what do you want as dinner. "Chi chai" this word was floating in my car. Suddenly, I saw a signboard with the word "Sungai Besi". Good! I challenged her to have dinner in Melaka.

We did it!!! In one hour time, I reached Melaka, Eat Ikan Bakar in Sungai Duyung. In one hour time again, I reached KL.

Sometime, someone just call Crazy Guy. But I admin. :)