Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We are walking together.

Almost 2 years, I didn't update any blog or status. Releasing feel or mood is no longer my daily task. Fighting or moving forward already become part of my daily life. I would like to say thank you to my body and soul, they allowing me to  make my battle day succeed.

Day after day, exploding new life. My journey path is getting harder. I'm finally understand, the most powerful you are, the bigger responsible you have. Don't get me wrong. It's a challenge! That's also making me proud of my warrior, my closer team mate. They are passion, patient, hardworking, succeed chaser, optimism, motivation, confidence, etc.

Being a tiny human living in a comfort zone, a own quite space, always a wish to everyone. But, I called it retirement! Every single human living in this world, have it's purpose or task, no matter you are big or small.

From a programmer transforming to a business development director. A big chance. Differences of perspective, expectation and knowledge. Mindset and emotion having a 180 degree change, giving me a huge barrier in my life. Don't get me wrong again! I call it, complimentary. It's a bonus stage in my video game.

And, the most important stage in my life is I married, and a child. I'm a husband and father now. I need to running now instead of walking in my life path. Fulfilling is my priority now! Supplying my service is my toilful job now. Need to be correct again! It's an enjoyment.

Being part of the society or fresh human in the world. Accept or decline! Make your tagline as 'Do not Give Up! Tomorrow Morning always your Complimentary!'