Thursday, November 27, 2008

Luna Bar & The Loft

Luna Bar

Upstairs@The Loft KL

This is my third drinking night in this month. Scary night!!! Why I say so? I with 3 of my friends meet up in Luna Bar, a place I wish to go long time ago. The dream came true finally. Can you imagine how good boy am I. HAHA!!! Let me tell you how this nightmare happened. My friends came to clubbing to fishing that night, and they eat "white fruit". Then I went to washroom. I'm standing in front of the mirror after P, a UK guy hold my shoulder suddenly and say look nice. DEng!!!!!!! Scare me de. A light across my mind sudden. I can introduce to my friend. But end up "he" chat with me half an hour, and didn't look at my friend at all. One of friend damn piss, she just drinking whisky without mixer and eating ice only.

After that, they wanna go for second round. Here's the place, The Loft KL. Please don't make me met the same situation in Luna Bar again, I'm thinking. Heng~~~!!! Havent end yet. We all rest outside the corridor after a hot dance, one of friend lock a target (he). I think he is from US or Australia. My friend stop him and introduce himself, he response friendly. But!!! But!!! But!!! When he turn to me, his face changed. Oh shit!!!!!!! I can predict it happend again. He say my glasses is cool, and asking for exchange with his sun-glasses to take a photo. But my friend didn't bring camera, he bring me to the stage (VIP area). I'm dancing on the stage, took photo on the stage.

I'm feel tired, can all this freaking story end??? Finally last call in the club, and we just want to dance until the last minutes. Suddenly a mat salleh dancing near by me, and wannnnnna!!!!!! Shit!!!!! What can I do?? I just walk away. Exit me from this place, please!!!

After read this, destroy your memory @#$$%^&*&&* !!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wabisabi Yakitori @ Plaza TTDI

This is my second time drinking in this month. I feel stress and pressure. Projects surrounding me like that traffic at the morning. This place sound like a japanese bistro, but it not! The environment not bad, feel comfortable. Rich people hang around the most, very obvious from their dress up. HEHE!!! I met a bar tender named C.K. How to I know him? Short story!!! I asked him to get me a drinks that I heard before but forgot, it named ???. This baverage very insteresting, put a cube of sugar on top of the whisky, burn it until melt, and ster it. Taste??? Like HACKS candy ... :)

Thanks C.K.