Monday, August 27, 2007

{FRIED HOKKIAN MEE 福建面} Restoran AhWa

He is the chef of this restaurant. (Don't say Me 'sin ga', i sure he is ah wa) Me standing behind him and watch he cooking. He is using 100% heart to fry the mee even customer is rushing, I can feel it. They are frying hokkie mee on charcoal fire, it is the best of the best way to fry the hokkien mee. But nowadays, less and less people will use this way. Ask me why? How do I know ar!

Great! Can you smell the Fried Hokkien Mee! Can you see the Hokkien Mee! Can you taste the Hokkien Mee! Can you touch the Hokkien Mee! Siao ar you, this is food la. You can taste very strong charcoal in the mee, the chef control the fried hokkien mee very well! Wow! Another nice food want to introduce is “Bat kau Teng”, is a bowl of soup with pork, vegetable and chili. Holding my spit! Their food is a bit expensive compare others restaurant, but it worth. The fried tofu not bad, interesting snack. You can try it, when waiting the mee to be serve. (You might need to wait so long.)

Hey!!! Where is this place? Restoran AhWa (青山阿华) Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya lu.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Taiwan Snack > Oyster vermicelli (蚵仔麵線)

How we pronounce it? O A Mee Sua. Just happening in One Utama 2nd floor (old wing) near TGV cinema, I pass by this small little shop. I found out many people queue and wait in front of this shop. Me as a food seeker, of course I will be one of them joining them. Wow! It surprise me, taste it and you will feel my enjoyness. There also serve other delicious snack, like tempura and XXX fried chicken. How about drinks? V-Soya (One of my favorite drink) and mineral water. They advice those customer to use only spoon, that’s how Taiwanese eat.

Oyster vermicelli is a kind of noodle soup that is popular in Taiwan and Xiamen. Its main ingredients are oysters and Taiwanese vermicelli, made to be tasty and full of aroma. One of the famous places serving this is in Dihua Street in Taipei, with a reddish variety of vermicelli.

Friday, August 24, 2007

{MY FM} 50 hours continues on-air.

17/8/2007 12:00noon, Sungai Wang. 50 hours continues on-air in front of Sungai Wang entrance. 8 DJs (林德荣,颜薇恩,马俊源,尹匯雰,菲比,贾森,卓卉勤,陈志康), all sit, speak, eat and play on the stage. Fun Fun Fun!!! At the same time, many people stand and surrounding the stage so that can accompany those DJs working (of course some are ‘eight eight’ only). Who those people? They all MyFm super big fans, follow MYFM every single minute… I will follow you, follow wherever you go! Yeah, I’m one of them! Some of the MYFM fans brought the durian, drinks, fruits, soup, bat kut teh, and so so. The bat kut the case, a fans from Setapak, he/she heard DJs feel like eat bat kut teh. He/She took the taxi and pack for them at midnight. Wow, so touching!!! They having this 50 hours out station on-air, is celebrating the 50yrs of Merdeka. What a nice promotion, everybody keep on eyes to them.

Here is the MYFM DJs,

Monday, August 20, 2007

不能说的秘密 ~secret~

Secret? Appearing in everyone’s heart. This movie is starring by 周杰伦(饰叶湘伦), 桂纶镁(饰路小雨) and 黄秋生(饰父亲). This movie is a love story, 2 people that staying in 2 different time fall in love. Their common interest is music, and music is part of their life. Their strength is play piano very well, both of them are talented student. From the movie, I learned that music can accompany human’s feeling everyday. Music is powerful, they can express a human feeling, no matter which type. My mind, my body, my soul,was so engrossed in the movie. My heart weeped at that time. I’m thinking, how many people in this world can have this kind of meaningful story in their life?

Beside that, this is the movie produce by Jay Chou. It is pretty. The view, perspective, color mode and … Hey Jay, you have my rating > 8/10 star. Gambateh!!! I’m waiting your next movie.

Let us enjoy his MV,

不能说的秘密, Secret Song Lyric:

不能说的秘密 周杰伦
词/方文山 曲/周杰伦
不能说的秘密 电影原声带


Monday, August 13, 2007

My taste - 'Dry' Pork Balls Mee

OUG – a place full of tasty food. I followed my boss to that place, and he is staying around that area. The dry mee ('Dry' Pork Balls Mee) with some kind of sauce on top, and that taste can’t just use a single word to describe. But their famous is not the pork mee, is beef slides/balls mee. Because of my religion, I can’t try the beef mee. So, I can’t describe it, you can try it and let me know. Hahaha…… :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Movie Review - Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 1 == Rush Hour 2 == Rush Hour 3

Thursday, August 9, 2007

(review) The Simpsons Movie

lalalalalalala ...... Simpsons ... The Simpsons...... The Simpsons Movie is now in theaters! The movie so damn funny la, laugh gao gao in the cinema. They ask people to switch off mobile phone in the show. How the movie told them? They put a board in front of the church, write in a message "Please turn off your phone". And another funny part, the screen black down and display a word “To be continue” suddenly. Few seconds later, another word appeared to continue. HAHAHAAHAH……funny funny!!! Homer Simpson, must save the world from a catastrophe he himself created. Summary of this movie. This movie use to have interactive with those people who watching this movie. Is a good try, well done! I love it! Go to watch and enjoy the movie. Yeah. Blek …Blek …Blek …

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Brainstorm –

Brainstorming is a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution to a problem. First time in my life, I can attend the brainstorming group. The secret room, a room which always full of the mysteries. My first time of brainstorming can met up with sony (my favorite brand), is my pleasure. I’m enjoyed when thinking of the new idea. My idea, rejected! But never mind, I will working hard to prove that “wau boleh”!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Hong Kong Roast Goose

Where is this place? Restoran Yi Kee in Connaught, Cheras of course!!! What so surprise me in this shop? Is their roast goose. Wow!! The skin of the goose, how crispy is it... not oilly. My first time of eating goose already gave them, but it worth!!! When I eating it, I'm keep asking myself why this shop not in the 'hochiak' ?? I should write them a letter, so that everybody can have chance to try it. I really hoping everybody can enjoy my happiness. (Price Goose: RM23.00 - one quarter,RM90.00 - whole goose; Price Duck:RM14.00 - one quarter, RM60 - whole duck). If you order the duck/goose, at least one quarter. :p

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Squash - the sport that driving me crazy!

Squash!!! Feel boring at the first time playing , when Im still young (that is the only once I played). Let me count back, already 10 years ago I didn't play it. Don't know what is the reason it cause me play back this game, and now it become a interesting game to me! I'm trying to use the tennis technique to play it, it work!!! But as a beginner,I still need a lot of pratice. I'm playing with my colleuge now, they also hardworking as me when playing. Yeah, I'm enjoy this game. :)

Outdated Me In the Game World ...

PS2, my new game station! But is the old fashion machine in the game world... But nevermind, the important is it still a new stuff to me. The exciting still fire-ing in my heart. Is already 2 weeks after I bought it, but I only have time to play once. Now my brother so hardworking to buy those interesting games, eg. Rally car,Winning 11,dance. Errmm ... to me, a busy guy, game station really suitable to me? A question ...

A New Movie Watched - FlashPoint

Wow, the best part of this movie is the fighting!!! As usual, Donnie Yen always is the hero! Almost 80% scene you can see his face/act/muscle body/fighting. This movie is talking about a policeman before 1997. He keep saying, "Did a policeman caught a wrong person? This answer pass to justice, a policeman just need to caught the bad guy.". Sound cool! But the dissappointed part is this movie no storyline!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? How can it be???