Monday, February 23, 2009

Soli Pravia (Made in China)

I'm busying of my new house recently, and I curious what my colleague going to buy for me. I can't wait!!! I point out my favorite. "I WANT A SOLI PRAVIA!!!", shout by me. This room I'm standing quiet for a few seconds, then they laugh laugh laugh... -.-

They asked me, "[soli pravia] made in china ar? Where can I buy it ar? We sure can give you [soli pravia] as new house gift de. ~~~ Please la Please la, tell me la. ~~~"

People who know me sure know I can't pronounce correctly when in the morning time!!! My tongue a bit lazy. This [Soli Pravia] become history/word of the day in my office.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Supreme Extremely Dinner (SED)

After work, boring boring boring!!! "Okie, I wanna to have a normal dinner with my gf." say in my heart. When the time I reached her house, it's late. A bit [bek song] clearly display on her face, and her stomach was playing orchestra at the same time.

I'm driving. A road light pass another road light beside my car in this busy but quite night. (*busy : traffic heavy on the road, quite : my car is in good conditioin) I asked, what do you want as dinner. "Chi chai" this word was floating in my car. Suddenly, I saw a signboard with the word "Sungai Besi". Good! I challenged her to have dinner in Melaka.

We did it!!! In one hour time, I reached Melaka, Eat Ikan Bakar in Sungai Duyung. In one hour time again, I reached KL.

Sometime, someone just call Crazy Guy. But I admin. :)