Thursday, January 17, 2008

To Pork Fanz们

A dream place for pork fans, Devtshes Gasthavs in Plaza Damansara. The Roast Pork Knuckles (RM 55.00) {blinking effect appearing}, their most famous food in restaurant. The pork skin damn extremely nice, you will know when you put it in to your month. Why they don’t have just the pork skin. First time in my life, can eat pork pizza(Pizza DEUTsches 12” – RM45.00) le. Where can you try? In Devtshes Gasthavs lo. I’m not preferred the Drunken Pork Chop, too much meat, it is grill. The Mix Sausage Platter (RM55.00), too expensive. I will not order that if I pay by myself. My opinion, it’s not worth. Maybe I’m not the ‘sausage lover’.

Here is the address,
24G-M, Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, 50490 K.L.
Tel/Fax: 03-2095 1589

Roast Pork Knuckles (RM55.00)

Mix Sausage Platter (RM55.00)

Drunken Pork Chop(RM42.00)

Pollp Alla Diavola (RM28.00)

Tiramisu (RM15.00)

inside Restaurant

outside Restaurant

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A new idea wor!

A soft launch of Proton Saga happened in front of Cineleisure Damansara, the Curve. A new idea in advertising, it attracted many people who pass by. But, no one see the actual car before, and the salesman already promoting and selling the car. Hello?!! Anyone will buy a car without know the design? Funny!!! But, it interesting. The concept of advertising is out of box, rather than just a banner. Good Try! The car is just showing the body, steering and engine only. So, we wait for the next update.

side view

full view

Monday, January 14, 2008

Kam Lun Tai Restaurant - Dim Sum

Early morning, I drive along from Selayang to OUG to fetch my colleague and meet another 2s in Sri Petaling. He is suggesting a nice dim sum restaurant. He told me the restaurant is allocated in Sri Petaling. What is the name? He forgotten. Sri Petaling, finally we arrived. When I focus the restaurant name clearly, ooo… is Kam Lun Tai! I had try the Steamed Glutinous Rice with abalone, Baked BBQ Puff with Meat Floss Pastries, Sliced Pork with Centuary Egg Porridge, Cheong Fun with BBQ Pork/Fresh Prawn, Steamed "Siew Mai' with Fish Eggs, Steamed BBQ Bun and Steamed "Har Gao" Dumpling. Haha, is time to introduce my favorite dim sum. Tang .. Tang .. Tang .., is Baked BBQ Puff with Meat Floss Pastries(肉松叉烧酥)-RM5.00. Wow, the biscuit melt in my month slowly and the BBQ meat is nice too. Come on, my friend! Try it, and you will like it. Trust me! Another good news, is free to me, this breakfast. One of my colleague ‘belanja’ us. Thank you!

Baked BBQ Puff with Meat Floss Pastries(肉松叉烧酥) - RM5.00

Dim Sum{s}

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Best Christmax Deco in 2007

Merry Christmas, my friends! This is the decoration of Christmas in One Utama New Wing. I like the design, it give me many imagination. The huge soldier head can turn to left and right automatically, and the tiny-tiny soldiers are playing the instruments. The stair, they using the piano keyboard with some light blinking. They use real person to wear the soldier costume stand and walk around the stage. Those children are crazy to taking photo with them. Parents love this scene so much. I represent those parents say : “Thank you One Utama!”.

Lou Wang Ipoh Chicken Rice

This place is located at Ipoh new town. They are famous of chicken rice. They are start business at night only last time, but now they open at afternoon as well. The impressive things, is their ‘drinks aunty and uncle’! They put some different drinks in a rectangle basket, and ask you to choose a drink. Funny! But it is easy, fast and flexible. I like this idea.

Pork Ball in soup

Tauge in soya sauce

Plain Chicken in soya sauce {smooth}

Ho fan in soup
Remember this shop

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kancil Awards 2007 {FEARLESS}

This award {Golden Kancil Award} pop-up in front of me surprisingly. I brought myself to there to open my eyes at first. I never go to big activities like this in my life. Everybody walking around, hugging, chatting, laughing, and …. But to me, as a new comer, just survey all around the places. When I enter the hall, a row of art gallery is displaying. The gallery is showing the print ad, campaign and TVc. I’m so excited to look after our work, but it only displaying the ‘Jangan Togel’ campaign. The next target to me is foodzzzzz….. The beginning of the award playing a intro with 3 big screen. Disappointed!!! Copycat from heroes! Is not what am I expected. After that, some high position guys from 4As giving speech. As usually, I’m ignore this kind of wordzzzzzzz, those words make me vomit.

Dinner time! It’s already prepared on middle of the table. After we open the silver cover, second disappointed. Cold and no taste!??

Nevermind, we not hunger for food. But not apply to one of my colleague (Everyone know who-is-he), HAHAHA… Winner of awards is announcing, huge list of awards. Is time to us, Compass-Interactive. The only one, is only one category we were submitted, digital category. Suddenly, a voice from so far saying ‘gold awarded by Jangan Togel from Compass Interactive’. But we still chit-chat near the table, until one of us looking at the screen and ask why Jangan Togel website is on the screen. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! We won the gold in digital category, who can believe. Using words, I don’t know how to describe the happiness of everyone at that moment. Congratulation, good job!

We thought this the end for that day, some of us are leaving. I’m leaving as well. Another 4 people stay to see the whole award. RING RING RING, my phone is ringing. Ben called. He told me an incredible news. WE WON GOLDEN KANCIL AWARD!!!!!!!!!! WOW WOW!!! That is the gold of all the gold awards in 2007! I missed that moment, they told me the story. When the name of Jangan Togel from Compass Interactive enounce won the golden kancil award, everyone quiet few second. Just 3 of my colleague are shouting. Everyone is asking, who is Compass Interactive? WooWoo.., is our company ~~!!! Haha. Later on, the media queue up to interview our managing director.

Everyone, this is one of the big “thing” in my life. Share the happiness with me. :)

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