Sunday, December 7, 2008


My ex-road teammate, I very miss you. Since the day you left, I'm been thinking of you. Thank you for service me 9 years. I wouldn't forget you, you always my first and best partner. I always remember how we won on the road in 9 years. Still remember the yellow Porsche? HAHAHAHA!!!!!! How's the driver frausfated when lost!!! And 6 Satria racing on Jalan Kuching, we still number one. What The Good Memories!!! :)

Still remember the time we crashed, you really safe my life! You hit your left side, to protect me in the right hand side. Again, Thank you!!!

I love you and I miss you, 我的蓝精灵 !!! Good Bye! :(

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Luna Bar & The Loft

Luna Bar

Upstairs@The Loft KL

This is my third drinking night in this month. Scary night!!! Why I say so? I with 3 of my friends meet up in Luna Bar, a place I wish to go long time ago. The dream came true finally. Can you imagine how good boy am I. HAHA!!! Let me tell you how this nightmare happened. My friends came to clubbing to fishing that night, and they eat "white fruit". Then I went to washroom. I'm standing in front of the mirror after P, a UK guy hold my shoulder suddenly and say look nice. DEng!!!!!!! Scare me de. A light across my mind sudden. I can introduce to my friend. But end up "he" chat with me half an hour, and didn't look at my friend at all. One of friend damn piss, she just drinking whisky without mixer and eating ice only.

After that, they wanna go for second round. Here's the place, The Loft KL. Please don't make me met the same situation in Luna Bar again, I'm thinking. Heng~~~!!! Havent end yet. We all rest outside the corridor after a hot dance, one of friend lock a target (he). I think he is from US or Australia. My friend stop him and introduce himself, he response friendly. But!!! But!!! But!!! When he turn to me, his face changed. Oh shit!!!!!!! I can predict it happend again. He say my glasses is cool, and asking for exchange with his sun-glasses to take a photo. But my friend didn't bring camera, he bring me to the stage (VIP area). I'm dancing on the stage, took photo on the stage.

I'm feel tired, can all this freaking story end??? Finally last call in the club, and we just want to dance until the last minutes. Suddenly a mat salleh dancing near by me, and wannnnnna!!!!!! Shit!!!!! What can I do?? I just walk away. Exit me from this place, please!!!

After read this, destroy your memory @#$$%^&*&&* !!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wabisabi Yakitori @ Plaza TTDI

This is my second time drinking in this month. I feel stress and pressure. Projects surrounding me like that traffic at the morning. This place sound like a japanese bistro, but it not! The environment not bad, feel comfortable. Rich people hang around the most, very obvious from their dress up. HEHE!!! I met a bar tender named C.K. How to I know him? Short story!!! I asked him to get me a drinks that I heard before but forgot, it named ???. This baverage very insteresting, put a cube of sugar on top of the whisky, burn it until melt, and ster it. Taste??? Like HACKS candy ... :)

Thanks C.K.

Monday, October 6, 2008

[Milking in Progress]

Construction in Progress, Revonation in Progress, Refilling in Progress. But a strange thing happened in my office - a place full of people working. Something you never seen, but you should know. Please be prepared. Make sure you don't have high blood pressure or heart attack.

When I try to enter my office pantry, this paper just appear in front of me. "Milking in Progress". A mom pumping milk inside. Creative~~~!!!

Banana Leaf Rice?

Suddenly, my colleague asking to try a food call banana leaf rice (I like to call it Jiau Jiau Leaf Fan). It is very easy to order! First, find a place to sit. Rice, chips, vegetable will be served automatically. Those buddies lazy to think of what food to have, it is your saver.

I'm 'geng like' the chips le, keep refilling is my only action when having the lunch. Wah~~!!! A lot of chips. Chipman borned~~~!!! Tasty!!! Please let me finish it. Please! Please! Please! I want to save this world.

RM5 Reality Show

A game goes live in my office. How to play? What is the game rules? You only can spent MAX RM5 for lunch around the office. Crazy mer~~~!!! You thought this is a low class office ar?// Damn Q expensive all the foods here. But a light sighting to a location, it is the cheapest place - Kopitiam. We all sit down and keep calculate or discuss when referring the menu. How to spent less but full. Shit@@, is not easy!!!

But it's not a difficult problem to me, a solution so fast appeared in my mind. First step, eat half-boiled egg, to protect. Then only eat the bread, so that food wouldn't digest easily. Genuis Way always and only can happened in a extraordinary boy life~~~!!! :p

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Unpredictable Traffic Jam

A red glow line appearing along the road. Journey to my working place is not easy, need to go throught all this blocker. Sometimes, I was imagined that would like to transform my car to helicopter and escape from this shit. "Transform, gii ~~gaaa~~~ giiiiiggiiii ~~ ga!!!". 1 hour trapped in this horrible traffic jam.

Finally, saw a familiar building where I working now.

How to calm down myself? Buy cold drinks or walk in to office 1 hour late or buy myself a great breakfast? I chosen walked in to starbucks and buy myself a great breakfast. Everyone in the office shouting when see me walk in with starbucks breakfast. HAHAHAAHA!!!!!! Their's action was better than starbucks breakfast.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Farewell Cum BirthDay

Wow, 2 months time were passed in Proximity. Seem like a war zone to me in there, everyone are speaking English. An ordinary boy with chinese education background doesn't seem can fit inside this environment. But life still need to move on. After 1 month I joined this company, I can see my improvement in speakng english. They helped me a lot. Who are this people? Proximity fellows, my great buddies. They being patient when chat with me, show me their supported and teach me.

I'm feeling happy actually, they did this to a stranger like me. I will appreciate.

This day was coming, they're having a farewell for one of my colleague. And. This was my farewell too. Wow!!! I didnt expected and I can't imagine it! When the time, they bring out the cake. "Bye Bye Yee ee and Bryan. Happy B'day Bryan" right on top of the chocolate cake. Amazing~~!!! I'm damn Q happy. I love you guys, you all making me awesome!!! And I drunk that day, luckly got people sent me back. Paisei!!! "Thank you for sent me back!!!", shouting in front of my pc.

P.S. You guys are great, and I gonna miss you guys. Good Luck and Take Care!!! And you guys will always be Bryan's friend. I will show myself immediately once got gathering in the future!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight - Guardian/Protector of the Gothom City

When is my last time to blog a cool movie? I can't remember, so as you. Entering the cinema Hall 2, this big screen with advertisement and movie trailer appearing in front of me. I'm feeling excited while waiting this movie began. Batman bring me many memories, and he always the superhero in my heart. I thought to be Batman during my childhood. Why chooose him? Hihihi, he is the only person don't have super power and can be done in the real world.

Zhoooomm~~~ zhoooommm~~~~~ Finally, the intro of this movie was started.

Impressive!!! I feel horror of watching the movie during screening and was completely blown away! Bruce Wayne/Batman starring by Christian Bale, and Heath Ledger play The Joker character. The Joker has finally been portrait properly on film. For more details, please visit their official website.

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale)

The Joker (Heath Ledger)

All of my dear friend, please at least go to watch once. I'm planning to watch for the second times. Come to join me to enjoy this happiness of watching this movie. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Romantic Wedding happened in a corner of the Earth

This cute and pretty coli is become 'Mrs.[husband name] '. She invited me to her's wedding, I'm happy. Reason of I'm being so happy. Will a person invite a person who only known each other for 2 months only? Fabulouse!!! She told me, I'm invited because I'm funny and cool. HAHAHA!!! This day was came, reach there earlier. They still preparing the ceremony deco. Their deco, simple and romantic with the love song playing as background music. I love it actually. I quess my gf will love this kind of wedding style as well. And I'm observed and copied the idea at that time, hope she wouldnt mind it. HAHAHA.

After the dinner, everyone drinks and laugh, someone got herself so drunk and puked. First time in my life, I dance in the middle of the dinner hall that I wish for a long time. I always wish to go prom night and dance, but I'm not giving the chances. Thanks to her, my dream comes true. I'm enjoy. Wishing for another dance. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 'Thick face', everyone must be saying it.

Wishing you happy in your marriage, and you having a amazing husband!!!

Carpark Access Card

Every morning, walking at the side walk beside a busy road alone. Day after day, I get used to it. In between, I still wish for a carpark access card every day. When is the dream comes true (visually : looking @ the sky). During this worst time, my coli whose are onleave. They will pass me their carpark access card. I'm always be the first in their listing (visually : crying). I like you all, you all are so kind. With the card, I save a lot of time and energy.

Thanks Again! I'm appreciated of people who show me the 'hand of help'.

Unexpected Gift Sent To My Office

Cupcake!!! Interesting! Fairy cake in British term we call. It's a small cake designed to serve one person, usually made in a small paper cup container; another reason why they are sold in groups (information provided by Wiki). How many cupcake sent to me as birthday gift? 9 pieces in a big white box and 1 piece in a silver small box, tied up with a small white ribbon and different color of 'Happy Birthday' as texture of it. This person so call delivery person with formal suit and wearing a spec. He look like a office executive more than a delivery boy. I
through he is friend of my gf. Oh god! He is the boss of this business. This cupcake business is his part-time online business, you can order throught his blog.

Oppss~~~!!! Miss out one thing, you sure want to know what is the flavour of these cupcakes. They're taste coffee.

Happy~~~! Very Happy~!!! Extremely Happy~~!!!!!!! Thanks my gf sent me this surprise even I'm just a ordinary man. I like it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Check this out!!! Cool Ad from Nikefootbal.

Awesome!!!!!! Fabulous!!!!!! Superstar is appearing in my screen.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I met Nissan Skyline GT-R Proto in OneU's car park

Skyline and me looking each other so close. Just Skyline and me at that time. We were smiling and chatting with each other. I'm so happy, and took out my digital camera. I want to capture this moment, and keep it forever. Fueeeellllllleellllee~~~~~! Crazy mer, just a car only la. Awesome!!! This car is super cool. Please! Please my friend! Go and see the real one, you will never forget the feeling. Help me!!! Give me some more words to help me express COOL, AWESOME, SPEED, FAST and PRETTY. :))

Start moving your butt now and visit the official site,

Shocking Bill in the early morning

Wah, what the F**King beauty figure displaying in the bill. This bill make me shock in the early morning. And I have to pay it by cash, all the bloody credit card system declined my credit card. The rumours appearing in my mind suddenly, is it true? I pay RM60 for 31.0Litres last time, come to see the bill again clearly, see how much I need to pay now? :(

Transformers : Autobots (Optimus Prime) and Decepticons(Megatron) !!!

Transformer Movie in 2007, come to screen finally, and not playing in animation kinds. They were using real people and CG to gave an awesome action and visualize it extremely. This movie influcing me at that time, thenI bought the Optimus Prime. I keep thinking of buy the Megatron as well. "Do I spenting too much?", keep asking myself in worries. It is surrounding me quite a long time, but u and me are always can't excape from the BeLoved one. I bought it recently. Why le? Join the new company, a group of people like to buy toys(I prefer it call action figure.). I had been called back. LOLOLOL. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Give me a LEGO city" shout by me when childhood

Time overlap time, my dream getting blur. ALmost forgot my childhood dream, having few small LEGO city in middle of house. Just like every girl's dream to have a Island in kitchen. Until the day I met LEGO in One Utama, they are displaying all about F1, brand Ferrari. They were displaying a huge LEGO Ferrari F1 car, Impresssive!~~~ My Friend, Show me yours response la, share yours LEGO experience la. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reading Bug

Hard to imagine. Hard to believe. Butcher weng own more than 10 books in his house. I read a lot of books recently. Last time, I can't stand to read more than one paragraph of texts. But it's different now, I'm becoming a reading bug. "But why he is facing this huge changing?", asking by reader. Mana saya tau!!! I'm starting since the day I came back from Taiwan, I bought a lot books from Chen Ping BookShop. 1 month later, Popular was organizing a bookfairs in KLCC. I bought again. Check out some of my books, you sure laugh gao gao!!! See see see, you laughing liao. HAHAHAAHAHA ............

Monday, June 9, 2008

An archaeology exploring in Ipoh!

Can you guys imagine what had I go throught? I met the KFC musical coin box, which already exstinct very long time ago. But I can hold it with my own hand, play with my own hand now. LOL!!! The classical packing, the colors, the design, the text. Last time KFC planning to get this back, but is a bit hard. But my friend keep it so well. Can someone tell me the price of this object, please???

Rock in Petrol Station

Rock n Rolll~~~~! I think every single Malaysian know about this news (fuel price raise until RM2.70/l). Eveyone shoutting in office after read the news, like lose a lot a lot in gambling. But we as Malaysian, only can accerpt the fact. So, all the drivers gathering together in the petrol station and quering up for the *BEER. Rock n roll!! Rock n Roll. Rock the petrol station, man! But horrible thing happening around. ''Shit~~~!! Honk~~~!'', what I heard around the petrol station. Ohhh~~~, many cars stuck in the traffic jam cause many cars queue until blocking the road. I using the Jln Kucing, passing by few petrol stations. Oh god, traffic jam like SHIT. I'm langsung give up to enter the petrol station.
Goverment ar! Goverment ar~~~~~~
*BEER = petrol

A cup of Vietnamese coffee

A relaxing afternoon, having my meal with my girlfriend. I ordered a coffee, it's Vietnamese coffee. My favorite coffee in a relax day, what the greatful day. I'm taking the Vietnamese coffee in Charms located in One Utama (new wing). I'm planning to own it, but I can't find in Malaysia. Hoooo~~~~, all my friend who visiting my blog, let me know if you guys know where can buy it.
Thanks all folks~~~~~~~~~ :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Base of a Toy-holics

A Friday-ed of a past week, I'm went to my friend's house. I heard that his place is full of toys, so I feel so damn exciting while waiting to forward his place at that night. The first seen, surprise me extremely. So damn AWESOME!!! A rack full of the toys, as you can see in the photo. Plus, staircase(all is street fighter) and his room (full of censored toys, HEHE!). He likes to collect Spawn and dragon. I'm joking around, wanna redeem one as my door gift. LOL!!! Words are not enough to describe, please visit his "Toy Museum" yourself.

Releasing Shit Nowadays

Coming to new office, facing the new environment. Many invisible stress/pressure is appearing slowly!!! I'm looking a place for me to release these Shit...! Found~~~ finally! A place call Jarrod's n Rolin where people here like to go there have drink drink after work. I'm wishing to go there to drink every week. My friends go along with me, released all those Shit together. How nice is it! Wow!!! Is a truely a nice place to me. Thanks to this place!!! Paying respect to you here!

*Shit = stress/pressure

Monday, May 19, 2008

Giant Chess Appear In The Curve

A giant chess set is appearing in The Curve now. It's made by wood, the chess board is using back the origin of floor which we usually seen. Is creative and attractive. I like the ideals, hope you guys have the same way. It is locate behind T.G.I. Friday and in front of Big Apple. Can take a look if you free, can play if you free. HaHaHa, nowadays business not easy to do.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hapi Mom's Day

Once a year Mother's Day was came. As usually, whole family gathered together to plan where to celebrate. Eat will always be the first choice, we bought gift, father pay for the dinner. It's different this time, my sister bought a spectacles for my mom, me and my brother gaodim the dinner's bill. We sit at a table of billions in the world who celebrating Mother's Day. We located at a Thai's restaurant in Jalan Gasing. I like the restaurant so so much, food is nice, services not bad and serving fast. Though of lucky today, can get a table in a short time, and the food also serving in 20 mins. But a case was happenning, my brother found out something in the tomyam soup. What was so surprising?!!! He was asking, Thai people use to add bugs in tomyam soup? 'Nope', I replied. We checked this out. Wah~~~~~~~~~! Many ants in the soup, so I'm a bit 'bek song' and told the boss. He changed for me and sound politely. I thought it's over, but the next bowl also have those ants. This time, meeting my limitation. 'Help me cancel the tomyam, and give me the bills', I said. DENG!!!! (voices in my heart).

But I know this is not what they wish to. Who never make mistake? I forgive them la.

Friday, May 2, 2008

BEER buffet le, drink till dead

WALAO EH!!! Can you believe, even beer also have buffet nowadays. It only RM45 per person, it's cheap. This promotion happening in Rain Nodle House @ Pavilion. Quite Interesting!!! Need to bring this news to those alcholic/beer lover. Here I come. Beer~~Beer~~Beer~~! Cool! :-@

Thursday, May 1, 2008

left my company or my [family]

April 30, the day I left my [Compa]ny. A sad day in my own history, like my heart cutted by a knife. A question keep surrounding me, "I left a company or a family?". Why I keep saying go out to see outside the world but not changing to another company? Sound like walk out from a village to build a great future. Final text, my [Compa]ny is the place I born.

One of my best fred [ga]ed out

My primary's school friend had married. Quite strange seeing her put on the bridal, but pretty. I'm happy that she finally found someone caring and love her. I'm still worry @ first, wheather her's hunsband can handle her or not. LOL. Watching them love each other so much, as a friend, I say : "Wish both of you happy forever." So damn "geerli~~~" saying this. hahahaha.

Monday, March 31, 2008

[BROTHER] to be call when my friend wedding

Another friend getting married and he is asking me to be his 'brother' @ the day his wedding. I'm new in term of 'brother', cause this is my first time. At the early morning, we meet @ my friend house and deco our cars. 1 car for wedding and 9 'brother' cars, damn [big screen] ar. By the time we reach girl's house, only knew need to break 5 level. She is staying in 4th floor. Wcan break all the level easily, cause an experience 'brother' is in the group. HAHAHA!!! After all, 'brother' need to fetch those 'Ji Mui's to my friend house, I'm the only empty car. So poor!!!

Anyway, this is my first time! And I'm enjoy. Congratulation, My Friend!!! Anyone need me as 'brother', just drop me a call!!!!!!!! Free Of Charge!!!!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

'Driving Licence?' says Police Officer

Today I'm pass by Sri Sinar in Kepong, unlucky a road block setup there. As usual, I stopped my car and let the officer check my car. A bit different this time, I turn my head back and see what he looking at. He feel strange this time and ask me drive my car aside. DENG!!!!!! I shout out. Another police officer showing me his hand without word, so 'lansi' look. Luckly I'm smart, I guess he is asking my IC and driving licence. After I show all, he show me his hand for the third time. I'm blur this time, what else I miss out, Im thinking.

He look at me and ask, where is your driving licence. 'I gave u ma', I reply. He holding the licence I gave him and say, 'Ini adalah salinan, mana lesen anda yang ada gambar?'. 'Mana saya tau!!!', say in my mind.
POLICE : You have to bring along the original driving licence.
ME : Post office people didn't told me so, how to I know!!!
POLICE : They are just working only, they will not telling you. Use your brain to think. Didn't you know have to use spoon to eat rice, need someone to tell you!!! You didn't listen the course when study in driving school ar!!! (sound very very very extremely unpolite)
ME : Okay! I really don't know. I go back and get, ok? (Abang. The time I'm learn driving, post office still haven't got this service ar, @#$%^&*!!!!!!!! Don't use the brain, then woooRRRR~~~~ here and there!!!)
POLICE : Mana you tinggal?
ME : Selayang.
POLICE : Kami semua tunggu you datang balik ar!!!
ME : ...

After that, he walk away with my driving licence. He write down my name and told me this the first warning and ask me leave. My dear friend, if you do the licence extend in post office. Please remember bring along the original driving licence together. If not, the case might happen to you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome ... Bye bye Taiwan!

2 days before my Taiwan trip. What am I doing? Where am I? How is my feeling? My friend was asking me. Rushing my project in office lo, worry the deadline of my project lo. I'm answering. Why? Because I'm a responsiblity person ma, don't want let my team partner take over my shit. But I'm fail. The day was coming, today is the last day I'm in KL. I'm passed all the project details to my team partner and ran from the war zone, let them fight in the war alone. Hope they didn't blame me! Me and all my holiday's team members went to my friend's house in Puchong stay a night and preparing our journey. Woo~~~~~. We all 8 people stepping in Taiwan's land. And Taiwan's citizen are welcome-ing us. Thank you!(crying when saying this word). 7 days passing so so so fast. Stepping Malaysia's land, missing my own land but my fantasic dream in Taiwan gone!!! Many things in Malaysia waiting me to finish. But where is my soul? Still mistery...

visit me in taiwan

Thursday, January 17, 2008

To Pork Fanz们

A dream place for pork fans, Devtshes Gasthavs in Plaza Damansara. The Roast Pork Knuckles (RM 55.00) {blinking effect appearing}, their most famous food in restaurant. The pork skin damn extremely nice, you will know when you put it in to your month. Why they don’t have just the pork skin. First time in my life, can eat pork pizza(Pizza DEUTsches 12” – RM45.00) le. Where can you try? In Devtshes Gasthavs lo. I’m not preferred the Drunken Pork Chop, too much meat, it is grill. The Mix Sausage Platter (RM55.00), too expensive. I will not order that if I pay by myself. My opinion, it’s not worth. Maybe I’m not the ‘sausage lover’.

Here is the address,
24G-M, Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, 50490 K.L.
Tel/Fax: 03-2095 1589

Roast Pork Knuckles (RM55.00)

Mix Sausage Platter (RM55.00)

Drunken Pork Chop(RM42.00)

Pollp Alla Diavola (RM28.00)

Tiramisu (RM15.00)

inside Restaurant

outside Restaurant

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A new idea wor!

A soft launch of Proton Saga happened in front of Cineleisure Damansara, the Curve. A new idea in advertising, it attracted many people who pass by. But, no one see the actual car before, and the salesman already promoting and selling the car. Hello?!! Anyone will buy a car without know the design? Funny!!! But, it interesting. The concept of advertising is out of box, rather than just a banner. Good Try! The car is just showing the body, steering and engine only. So, we wait for the next update.

side view

full view

Monday, January 14, 2008

Kam Lun Tai Restaurant - Dim Sum

Early morning, I drive along from Selayang to OUG to fetch my colleague and meet another 2s in Sri Petaling. He is suggesting a nice dim sum restaurant. He told me the restaurant is allocated in Sri Petaling. What is the name? He forgotten. Sri Petaling, finally we arrived. When I focus the restaurant name clearly, ooo… is Kam Lun Tai! I had try the Steamed Glutinous Rice with abalone, Baked BBQ Puff with Meat Floss Pastries, Sliced Pork with Centuary Egg Porridge, Cheong Fun with BBQ Pork/Fresh Prawn, Steamed "Siew Mai' with Fish Eggs, Steamed BBQ Bun and Steamed "Har Gao" Dumpling. Haha, is time to introduce my favorite dim sum. Tang .. Tang .. Tang .., is Baked BBQ Puff with Meat Floss Pastries(肉松叉烧酥)-RM5.00. Wow, the biscuit melt in my month slowly and the BBQ meat is nice too. Come on, my friend! Try it, and you will like it. Trust me! Another good news, is free to me, this breakfast. One of my colleague ‘belanja’ us. Thank you!

Baked BBQ Puff with Meat Floss Pastries(肉松叉烧酥) - RM5.00

Dim Sum{s}

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Best Christmax Deco in 2007

Merry Christmas, my friends! This is the decoration of Christmas in One Utama New Wing. I like the design, it give me many imagination. The huge soldier head can turn to left and right automatically, and the tiny-tiny soldiers are playing the instruments. The stair, they using the piano keyboard with some light blinking. They use real person to wear the soldier costume stand and walk around the stage. Those children are crazy to taking photo with them. Parents love this scene so much. I represent those parents say : “Thank you One Utama!”.