Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour in 60

Do you know what is the meaning of [60 - Earth Hour]? I can tell I don't know lo. I heard since the day a client of our company running this campaign. They said wor, turn off ur farking light, see nothing for 6o minutes. But many people misunderstood the meaning of this campaign.

Let me explain to you, my own opinion. When the day come, you switch off all the lights in your house, then you close your eyes. Then, you can see red/orange fire surrounding you burning, and you will feeling hot. Ouch!!! 30 minutes after you close your lights, these red/orange hot fire will still keep growing until you can see and feel some blue/green aura come from your's behind. And, attack all these red/orange fire which surrounding you. 60 minutes, you will feel carm, cool and peaceful. At last, you will see a green land appearing in front of you, bird flying, tree wayving to you, and rainbow smile to you.

When you open back your eyes. You can feel the different. This how I understand the earth hour. :)

Visit them, my fellows . . .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

World of Feng Shui

Feng Shui theory is very strong since history of China. But people nowaday keep changing it until very mystery!!! Actually it;s not, I read one of the book and did some research. All theory is very logic, and calculation is included.

The new generation of fengshui master is chui shui more feng shui.

Banner Ad wor~~

Registered as blogger in Nuffnang recently!! I'm a developer who developed banner ads, but never experience it. Today, I put it on my blog with my own hand. The feeling was like a doctor help a pregnant lady to give birth. So amazing!!!

Started today, we can touch, feel, see, sense and listen to these beloved Ads in my blog. Nuffnang, you bring me another new life, another direction, another vision. Thank you!!!

Come, come, come... go and touch and click my beloved banners. (",)