Monday, June 9, 2008

Rock in Petrol Station

Rock n Rolll~~~~! I think every single Malaysian know about this news (fuel price raise until RM2.70/l). Eveyone shoutting in office after read the news, like lose a lot a lot in gambling. But we as Malaysian, only can accerpt the fact. So, all the drivers gathering together in the petrol station and quering up for the *BEER. Rock n roll!! Rock n Roll. Rock the petrol station, man! But horrible thing happening around. ''Shit~~~!! Honk~~~!'', what I heard around the petrol station. Ohhh~~~, many cars stuck in the traffic jam cause many cars queue until blocking the road. I using the Jln Kucing, passing by few petrol stations. Oh god, traffic jam like SHIT. I'm langsung give up to enter the petrol station.
Goverment ar! Goverment ar~~~~~~
*BEER = petrol

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