Sunday, December 7, 2008


My ex-road teammate, I very miss you. Since the day you left, I'm been thinking of you. Thank you for service me 9 years. I wouldn't forget you, you always my first and best partner. I always remember how we won on the road in 9 years. Still remember the yellow Porsche? HAHAHAHA!!!!!! How's the driver frausfated when lost!!! And 6 Satria racing on Jalan Kuching, we still number one. What The Good Memories!!! :)

Still remember the time we crashed, you really safe my life! You hit your left side, to protect me in the right hand side. Again, Thank you!!!

I love you and I miss you, 我的蓝精灵 !!! Good Bye! :(

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Albert Yap said...

yo yo yo...finally got kereta baru??

wat car? when come fecth go "wai"!!!