Friday, March 28, 2008

'Driving Licence?' says Police Officer

Today I'm pass by Sri Sinar in Kepong, unlucky a road block setup there. As usual, I stopped my car and let the officer check my car. A bit different this time, I turn my head back and see what he looking at. He feel strange this time and ask me drive my car aside. DENG!!!!!! I shout out. Another police officer showing me his hand without word, so 'lansi' look. Luckly I'm smart, I guess he is asking my IC and driving licence. After I show all, he show me his hand for the third time. I'm blur this time, what else I miss out, Im thinking.

He look at me and ask, where is your driving licence. 'I gave u ma', I reply. He holding the licence I gave him and say, 'Ini adalah salinan, mana lesen anda yang ada gambar?'. 'Mana saya tau!!!', say in my mind.
POLICE : You have to bring along the original driving licence.
ME : Post office people didn't told me so, how to I know!!!
POLICE : They are just working only, they will not telling you. Use your brain to think. Didn't you know have to use spoon to eat rice, need someone to tell you!!! You didn't listen the course when study in driving school ar!!! (sound very very very extremely unpolite)
ME : Okay! I really don't know. I go back and get, ok? (Abang. The time I'm learn driving, post office still haven't got this service ar, @#$%^&*!!!!!!!! Don't use the brain, then woooRRRR~~~~ here and there!!!)
POLICE : Mana you tinggal?
ME : Selayang.
POLICE : Kami semua tunggu you datang balik ar!!!
ME : ...

After that, he walk away with my driving licence. He write down my name and told me this the first warning and ask me leave. My dear friend, if you do the licence extend in post office. Please remember bring along the original driving licence together. If not, the case might happen to you.

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Albert Yap said...

hahahaha...u should fuck gao them gao gao.....