Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hapi Mom's Day

Once a year Mother's Day was came. As usually, whole family gathered together to plan where to celebrate. Eat will always be the first choice, we bought gift, father pay for the dinner. It's different this time, my sister bought a spectacles for my mom, me and my brother gaodim the dinner's bill. We sit at a table of billions in the world who celebrating Mother's Day. We located at a Thai's restaurant in Jalan Gasing. I like the restaurant so so much, food is nice, services not bad and serving fast. Though of lucky today, can get a table in a short time, and the food also serving in 20 mins. But a case was happenning, my brother found out something in the tomyam soup. What was so surprising?!!! He was asking, Thai people use to add bugs in tomyam soup? 'Nope', I replied. We checked this out. Wah~~~~~~~~~! Many ants in the soup, so I'm a bit 'bek song' and told the boss. He changed for me and sound politely. I thought it's over, but the next bowl also have those ants. This time, meeting my limitation. 'Help me cancel the tomyam, and give me the bills', I said. DENG!!!! (voices in my heart).

But I know this is not what they wish to. Who never make mistake? I forgive them la.

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