Sunday, August 10, 2008

Unpredictable Traffic Jam

A red glow line appearing along the road. Journey to my working place is not easy, need to go throught all this blocker. Sometimes, I was imagined that would like to transform my car to helicopter and escape from this shit. "Transform, gii ~~gaaa~~~ giiiiiggiiii ~~ ga!!!". 1 hour trapped in this horrible traffic jam.

Finally, saw a familiar building where I working now.

How to calm down myself? Buy cold drinks or walk in to office 1 hour late or buy myself a great breakfast? I chosen walked in to starbucks and buy myself a great breakfast. Everyone in the office shouting when see me walk in with starbucks breakfast. HAHAHAAHA!!!!!! Their's action was better than starbucks breakfast.


Albert Yap said...

wei wei....mana ada starbucks? why I donno one...I only see Subway....

butcher_weng said...

Sorry my friend!!! I already change my job. Working in another place.