Friday, July 25, 2008

My Farewell Cum BirthDay

Wow, 2 months time were passed in Proximity. Seem like a war zone to me in there, everyone are speaking English. An ordinary boy with chinese education background doesn't seem can fit inside this environment. But life still need to move on. After 1 month I joined this company, I can see my improvement in speakng english. They helped me a lot. Who are this people? Proximity fellows, my great buddies. They being patient when chat with me, show me their supported and teach me.

I'm feeling happy actually, they did this to a stranger like me. I will appreciate.

This day was coming, they're having a farewell for one of my colleague. And. This was my farewell too. Wow!!! I didnt expected and I can't imagine it! When the time, they bring out the cake. "Bye Bye Yee ee and Bryan. Happy B'day Bryan" right on top of the chocolate cake. Amazing~~!!! I'm damn Q happy. I love you guys, you all making me awesome!!! And I drunk that day, luckly got people sent me back. Paisei!!! "Thank you for sent me back!!!", shouting in front of my pc.

P.S. You guys are great, and I gonna miss you guys. Good Luck and Take Care!!! And you guys will always be Bryan's friend. I will show myself immediately once got gathering in the future!!

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