Thursday, June 11, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

I watched a trailer with title Drag Me To Hell, very interesting! Then, I decided to ask all my colleagues watch with me, because I love to share my excited to others. We dinner, we went to cinema.

Began of the movie, it’s still interesting. The story is saying. An old lady is begging a loan executive to extend her house loan deadline. But this selfish girl name Christine, she declined. She is turning her head to look at the assistant manager cubicle, after that she look at Stu who have higher chances to sit in this cubicle. She had made this decision, but never thought of this decision will change the rest of her life.

The old lady, knee down and bagged Christine to give her a chance. She scared and call for security guard. Everyone in bank was looking at them. The old lady very angry and say “You shame on me! You shame on me! ”.

Then the old lady had attacked her in a parking lot. The old lady was shouting and giving curse to Christine. That’s how the story began.

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My opinion, this movie can be better. The idea very good, but the director put too much “lame scary scene” in this movie. Audience was luff-ing more than scared. They should ask advice from brother Pang.

Best part of this movie: I love the sound effect when the devil (Lamiae) is coming. Arghhhhh~~~~~~~~~

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