Thursday, July 9, 2009

“Student?”, asked by anonymous.

Case 1: I went to my office’s car park early morning. An Indian lady was standing beside the barrier. “My boss didn’t pay season parking fee again”, I’m wondering. Bingo! Again my boss forgotten. She asked for my pass card and asked, “Student?” Walau eh!!! My fire also come ar! Didn’t she see my face clearly? “Kerja.”, one word I returned.

Case 2: I parked my car in front my house as usual when gone home. I met my neighbor and greet. We chatted. He is going out for his dinner. Suddenly, a question was puke from his mouth. “Wah! Home late, after school?”, he asked. Walau er, not again!!! My response??? [Big] of course. “I’m 30, working lo.”, I shouted.

I had deep thinking. All this happened because of my shirt. I’m wear Nobita today.

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