Monday, August 6, 2007

Hong Kong Roast Goose

Where is this place? Restoran Yi Kee in Connaught, Cheras of course!!! What so surprise me in this shop? Is their roast goose. Wow!! The skin of the goose, how crispy is it... not oilly. My first time of eating goose already gave them, but it worth!!! When I eating it, I'm keep asking myself why this shop not in the 'hochiak' ?? I should write them a letter, so that everybody can have chance to try it. I really hoping everybody can enjoy my happiness. (Price Goose: RM23.00 - one quarter,RM90.00 - whole goose; Price Duck:RM14.00 - one quarter, RM60 - whole duck). If you order the duck/goose, at least one quarter. :p

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