Friday, August 24, 2007

{MY FM} 50 hours continues on-air.

17/8/2007 12:00noon, Sungai Wang. 50 hours continues on-air in front of Sungai Wang entrance. 8 DJs (林德荣,颜薇恩,马俊源,尹匯雰,菲比,贾森,卓卉勤,陈志康), all sit, speak, eat and play on the stage. Fun Fun Fun!!! At the same time, many people stand and surrounding the stage so that can accompany those DJs working (of course some are ‘eight eight’ only). Who those people? They all MyFm super big fans, follow MYFM every single minute… I will follow you, follow wherever you go! Yeah, I’m one of them! Some of the MYFM fans brought the durian, drinks, fruits, soup, bat kut teh, and so so. The bat kut the case, a fans from Setapak, he/she heard DJs feel like eat bat kut teh. He/She took the taxi and pack for them at midnight. Wow, so touching!!! They having this 50 hours out station on-air, is celebrating the 50yrs of Merdeka. What a nice promotion, everybody keep on eyes to them.

Here is the MYFM DJs,

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