Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unexpected Gift Sent To My Office

Cupcake!!! Interesting! Fairy cake in British term we call. It's a small cake designed to serve one person, usually made in a small paper cup container; another reason why they are sold in groups (information provided by Wiki). How many cupcake sent to me as birthday gift? 9 pieces in a big white box and 1 piece in a silver small box, tied up with a small white ribbon and different color of 'Happy Birthday' as texture of it. This person so call delivery person with formal suit and wearing a spec. He look like a office executive more than a delivery boy. I
through he is friend of my gf. Oh god! He is the boss of this business. This cupcake business is his part-time online business, you can order throught his blog.

Oppss~~~!!! Miss out one thing, you sure want to know what is the flavour of these cupcakes. They're taste coffee.

Happy~~~! Very Happy~!!! Extremely Happy~~!!!!!!! Thanks my gf sent me this surprise even I'm just a ordinary man. I like it.

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~niCoLe~ said...

You're mostly welcome :)